Adelinn Ippensen


Michael LaHood

Adelinn Ippensen and Michael LaHood

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Our story

Michael and Adelinn (Addi) met in June 2018 when Addi was visiting Washington, D.C. for a conference and Michael was interning on Capitol Hill in the House of Representatives where Addi interned the prior summer. Addi stopped in to her old office (Michael's current office) to say hello to old co-workers and in the process struck up conversation with Michael. Michael mentioned he was from Georgia but used to live in Peoria, Illinois and asked if Addi knew any LaHoods since she was from Quincy, Illinois (both towns are in Central Illinois and chances were high given the LaHood family is very large). Addi explained that she used to do pageants and had a pageant "sister" who married a LaHood and that she attended their wedding a few years ago. Coincidently enough, Michael was also at the same wedding... because it was his older brother's wedding! Michael added Addi on Facebook shortly after meeting, but the two didn't start talking again until September 2018.

After reconnecting, Michael and Addi decided to meet up at Mizzou where they each had family and friends attending school. After hanging out all weekend, Michael invited Addi to his fraternity formal in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (Was it a little bit of a risky move to go on a formal in the mountains of Tennessee with a man you've only met twice? Probably, but it worked out!) They officially started dating long-distance in October 2018, making many trips from Illinois to Georgia and then to Washington, D.C. when Addi moved to begin her job in August 2019.

One year later, Michael also moved to Washington, D.C. to start his own job and proposed two days later! They're loving exploring the city together and only living 12 minutes apart versus 12 hours. They're so excited to start the next phase of their lives together and can't wait to celebrate with you in October!
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